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Warning Signs & Labels

Warning Signs & Labels

Construction places are usually filled with a lot of dangers and potential hazards. Often, warning signs and labels must be put in place in order to inform workers of any potential dangers. Labels can indicate dangers such as:

  • High voltage. Sometimes the precise voltage can be indicated, such as 230 volts or 400 volts.
  • Do NOT switch on. Some equipment can present a hazard when some people are working. Electricians can be put at risk when the equipment they are working on is suddenly turned on.
  • Do NOT switch off. Then there are safety electrical connections that must not be removed for safety reasons.
  • Electric shock first aid. Some warning signs and labels offer precise instruction on what to do should someone be subjected to electric shock.
  • Mixed cables. This is a warning that tells everyone that conductors must first be identified correctly before doing extension, alteration or repair work.
  • RCD. This warning label indicates that a piece of equipment is a residual-current device.

These warning signs and labels should be clearly visible, and they should also be periodically cleaned or replaced when they become dirty or damaged. When used properly, warning signs and labels can prevent accidents from occurring.

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