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Timers & Timeclocks

Timers & Timeclocks

While some people may be content to manually turn on or off appliances, others may want the ability to set a timer to activate and deactivate appliances automatically. A timer can be programmed to activate an appliance for a specific time, and it often it can also control how long that appliance will be working. You can also turn on a device manually and then set the timer to run for however long you want or to turn off automatically at a certain time of the day.

Some timers are specifically designed for a single product. For example, you can have a timer to control your room thermostat so that the temperature can be adjusted according to the time of day. Another timer can be connected to your lights so that they will automatically turn on in the evenings and then turn themselves off when dawn arrives.

Some general purpose timers can be made to work for a variety of products. For added convenience, some timers can also be programmed with a remote control device. Some timers come with an LED display, while other basic and less expensive timers come with a standard dial. Just make sure that the timer you buy is appropriate for the device you have in mind.

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