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Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl Warning Labels

While vinyl labels are more expensive than paper labels initially, in the long run these self-adhesive vinyl warning labels are much more cost-effective. Paper labels don’t last nearly as long, and construction tools and machinery which are often exposed to the elements need to have warning labels which can withstand rain and moisture. Vinyl doesn’t fall off easily, and the printed letters won’t fade as easily when exposed to moisture or sunlight.

Self-adhesive warning labels also offer several advantages over their rigid counterparts. For one, they’re much more affordable, and you can pepper a piece of equipment with warning labels on all sides so you can be sure that a worker will be aware of the particular dangers. Another main advantage is that these warning labels can be applied on just about any kind of surface—including curved ones. Vinyl is flexible and can follow the particular contours of a surface, but rigid warning labels must be attached only on completely flat surfaces.

Finally, because these vinyl labels are so affordable, they can come in very wide variety of sizes and colours. You can make sure that your signs and labels are big enough to catch the attention of the workers and that it can contain all the necessary information.

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