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Screws & Fixings

Screws & Fixings

From professional construction jobs to minor do-it-yourself projects, you will probably need some screws and other fixings to complete a job. You’ll need these screws to hold things in placed securely or to put some covering to protect items around the house.

Screws come in many different lengths, sizes, and construction materials. They may come with a single slot for a flathead screwdriver, or come with a crosshead design for which you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver. They may also be flat so to match the surface seamlessly, or they may protrude for design purposes.

You’ll need to consider each feature so that you can be sure you are buying the right set of screws for your project. You need to make sure of the right:

  1. Size. Metal panels often have pre-installed holes, so you need the right fit to hold them securely.
  2. Length. The width of the surfaced in which the screws will be inserted will determine the right length, as well as the weight of the item that’s being secured.
  3. Material. The material from which the screw is made will depend on the surface in which the screw will be inserted, especially if there are no pre-installed holes. Screws for wood may be softer, but cement walls will require stronger screws.

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