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For over seventy years, Santon has been a leading provider of water heating solutions and offers a very diverse and comprehensive product listing which includes vented as well as unvented water heaters that are ideal for domestic, commercial or industrial use. Santon continues to create and sell highly reliable items which are made with top quality manufacturing processes and are designed to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

We Sell Electrical has a wide range of Santon electrical water heaters including multi points, over sink, under sink and hand washer, all of which are the best items in their class currently available in the market.

The Santon Aquaheat multi point comes with copper inner containers and is a cost effective, ideal solution for a variety of different commercial usage such as dishwashing, handwashing and low demand canteen and workshop use. The product is extremely easy to install, which is a trademark of all Santon products and can be mounted both on the wall or floor. All Aquaheat units come with an expansion relief valve which allows for a safe operation.

The Santon Aquarius under sink unit is an affordable and easy to install unit that can also be supplied from a cold cistern. It features a 3 kW element which offers fast recovery from the cold. The Aquarius is ideal for situations where power supply is limited including portable or temporary buildings. As with the over sink model, a special tap acts as an inlet valve so that when the tap is turned on, the cold water is allowed to flow through the water heater displacing the hot water in the basin.

Finally the Santon hand washer is compact in size and is one of the most hygienic washers in its class. The device can be installed onto a variety of different locations and complies with the latest health and safety legislations.