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Here at We Sell Electrical we have a growing inventory of Kyros electric radiators, including the 770w, 550w and the 330w, and they all use the patented Fuzzy Logic technology that results in up significant power savings. Furthermore, these Kyros electrical radiators have been designed to meet varying individual requirements.

Why Kyros Electric Radiators?

The Kyros electric radiator was built from the ground up to produce heat as effectively as possible without causing your energy bill to go up. In large part due to its Fuzzy Logic technology, the Kyros electric radiator produces heat the way radiators ought to. Easy to set up and configure, the Kyros can heat a whole area from the ceiling to the floor at much less the cost of similar products.

What makes the Kyros different is the heat is distributed around the area or room at a uniform temperature. The uniformity is kept from floor to ceiling so even during the cold and rainy season you will be kept warm. Furthermore, these radiators are durable and made for constant and regular use.

Built for the Modern Home

Not only are Kyros electric radiators effective, but they are also attractive. The slim and elegant design along with the white finish is compatible with different interior motifs. Moreover, the Kyros can be installed easily as only a 13 amp socket is required. Regardless which of these you decide to buy, you are assured of low energy consumption.

In addition the Kyros is compact, and the new design gives it a more refined and contemporary look. Above everything else, these electric radiators are fully optimised for the highest possible heat dissipation without compromising performance. One of the new features, the aluminium blade, allows for greater thermal fluid space compared to those available today, and yet it is more affordable.