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Patio Heaters & Controls

At We Sell Electrical we have in stock a wide array of patio heaters and controls as well as replacement bulbs. We know how important quality is to our customers, so we have taken steps to ensure we offer only the best products.

Patio Heaters

We currently offer a diverse range of patio heaters from BN Thermic including the Outdoor Patio Heater 1.5kW White, the  Outdoor Patio Heater 2kW Black and the Outdoor Patio Heater 4.5kW Black. Each of these products have been specially constructed so they’re safe to use and provides maximum comfort when used outdoors.

Each of these patio heaters has also been manufactured so they make full use of facilities outdoors and that they don’t require extensive maintenance. When you purchase one of these patio heaters you’re also assured running costs won’t go up as there are several control options available. Aside from being functional, all of these patio heaters have a smart and attractive design that complements different exterior motifs.


Aside from offering a wide array of patio heaters, we also have several controls including the Radiant Heater Movement Detector Sensor, the Pre-programmed Push Button Timer, the 6kW Soft Start Push Button Timer and the Dimmer Switch, all from BN Thermic. Apart from these we also have several halogen replacement bulbs for the patio heaters.

Each of these controls has a specific function and role: the Pre-programmed Push Button Timer for instance, allows you to run the unit in a specific way, and the other switches offer additional levels of control. The replacement bulbs meanwhile, ensure you will never be left wanting in case it gets too dark.

Whether you buy replacement bulbs, patio heaters or controls, you are assured the quality will be high and that they’re dependable. As always, each one has a detailed description so you know what it can do.