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Lighting Distribution Systems

Lighting Distribution Systems

Lighting distribution systems today have unique features that make it easy to use and configure. These lighting systems, unlike those in the past, are much simpler and offer plugin support so they’re more convenient to use.


Lighting distribution systems are available in different designs, and most offer a unique modular socket and plug interface. With this design the system can provide you with electrical and mechanical connections with a simple click. Today’s advanced lighting distribution system allows lights to be plugged in quickly and unlike in the past, it only takes a few seconds to set up the light. And once plugged in you can run it safely with no circuit isolation.

Live contacts in lighting distribution systems are not accessible, and the grounding connection is always made first before anything else. Today’s distribution systems also have several safety features that keep plugs from getting disconnected from the socket. That usually happens when there’s vibration, but modern lighting systems are designed to withstand those quite well.


Most lighting distribution systems have special plugin connector systems which help reduce the maintenance time and amount of onsite wiring required. There are distribution systems that offer dual circuit switching, and some of them can be converted into separate circuits.

In addition, there are digital and standalone lighting control systems, and others can be integrated into more intricate lighting management systems to supply data and power. While different types of systems are available they all share the same purpose, which is to make digital lighting connections easier to install.

In many cases, the connector is set directly into the conduit or trunk, which allows the luminaire to be hooked up or disconnected to the luminaire lead. The connector is usually available separately or with a prewired lead. You will also find some lighting distribution systems that permit multiple connections of luminaires.