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Lightbulbs & Light Fittings

Illuminate your home with our extensive range of lightbulbs and light fittings. Whether you’re looking for halogen bulbs, security lighting or designer wall lights, here at We Sell Electrical we can accommodate your needs.

Within our range of lighting, we stock a huge selection of high quality bulbs and lamps for both home and commercial use. From standard incandescent lightbulbs to striplighting suitable for an office or garage, we have a wide choice of styles and wattages on offer.

We also stock a selection of low energy lighting solutions, including compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, which are perfect for making your home or office energy efficient. Replacing the regular bulbs in your house with an energy saving equivalent saves you an average of £55 a year (or £3 a bulb), so it’s beneficial for both the environment and your pocket.

In addition to lightbulbs, we sell a diverse catalogue of light fittings, carrying options to cater for every use, environment and preference. From stylish chandeliers designed to add a touch of class to high ceilings to standard pendant fittings intended for simpler horizons, here you’ll find an option to ideally suit your needs.

If you’re looking for outdoor lighting, we carry a varied range of external solutions as well as a plethora of other lighting accessories, such as torches, shades, controllers and timers. For more specific needs we also offer a range of speciality lighting, so if you require party lights, festive Christmas illuminations or novelty lighting for a child’s bedroom, we can help.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of lightbulbs and light fittings, We Sell Electrical offers only the highest quality products from leading brands. Buy online today or call our sales team on 01159 649 198.