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LED Bulbs

LED technology has been around for some time but the technology has moved forward resulting in a breakthrough in lighting and the emergence of energy saving LED bulbs. Strong, durable, with no filaments or mercury, shattering, breakages, and contamination are a thing of the past. With life hour ratings of up to 50,000 hours and reduced energy costs of up to 90%, LED bulbs are already proving that they are the future of lighting, providing a fantastic eco-friendly solution for lighting technology. LED bulbs provide robust, durable and substantial energy efficient solutions compared to any other lighting currently available.

Lighting counts for a significant amount of the average electricity bill and it follows that this has a substantial impact on the carbon footprint of a home or business. Switching to LED lighting presents an excellent opportunity to substantially reduce carbon emissions and help the environment. The Energy Saving Trust advises that if everybody in the UK changed their lights to LED bulbs where possible, we would be able to save enough energy to light 5 million homes.

Taking care of the environment has become a way of life and we all have a duty to try and reduce our carbon footprints, whether at home or work. An easy and simple way to begin improving the efficiency of our homes and businesses is through LED lighting.

Environmental specialists list improving energy efficiency as an important factor in reducing our impact on the environment. LED bulbs use up to 90% less electricity than standard halogen bulbs and have an extremely long lifespan which results in considerably reduced carbon emissions and less waste as fewer lamps need to be disposed of.

Go Green today and switch to LED bulbs