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What’s a garden without a gazebo? Whether it’s to protect you from the rain or offer some shade, they have become fixtures in many gardens, and at We Sell Electrical we are happy to provide you with a diverse range of gazebos to suit different needs and specifications. Among the most sought after in our product line are the Draper gazebos like the 12894 3M x 3M, the 76941 Folding Gazebo 3m x 6m Blue and the Draper 76940 Concertina.

Features and Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why these gazebos have become the rage, not the least being you can use them in any number of situations be it for the home, commercial or even industrial uses. The Draper 12894 3M x 3M Folding Gazebo was designed to give you shelter and shade, and it’s also easier to set up compared to other units. Because the 12894 is foldable you can store it away if it’s not going to be used, and it will only take you a few minutes to get the gazebo up again.

Functional and Attractive

These products, like the 12896, are not just fully functional but also beautiful to look at, practical and splash proof. The 12896 is also durable, and it’s this rigid structure that makes it appropriate for outdoor use.

These same qualities can also be found in the 12897 gazebo from Draper. Measuring 3 x 9 m, it is large enough for a family for eating or relaxing with friends. The gazebo is light yet durable, and the material is such that there’s sufficient protection from direct sun exposure, and it will keep you in the shade as well.

There are several types of gazebos here at We Sell Electrical, so feel free to browse through our collection and find the most suitable for you.