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Garden Hoses

Garden Hoses

A garden hose is often taken for granted, and only if it’s poorly designed will its importance become apparent. For many years now, Draper Tools has been the UK’s leading companies in the home improvement industry, and at We Sell Electrical we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer their Garden LayFlat Hose products.

The Garden LayFlat Hose

Draper offers several garden hoses, and we have the best of the LayFlat series including the Draper 28703 5M x 25mm Layflat Hose, the Draper 53204 5M x 32mm Layflat Hose with Adaptor and the Draper 36947 10M x 32mm Layflat Hose. Sold in different colours, these may look like your typical hoses, but they have features that make them more convenient and practical to use.

The Draper 28703

The Draper 28703 for instance, was built with durability in mind, and it’s versatile enough for domestic, industrial or commercial use. The hose is 5 metres long with a diameter measuring 25 mm, more than suitable for heavy duty application. Not only is the hose convenient to use, but it comes with a polybag too. In addition, you can use this with a submersible water pump.

The Draper 53204 and 45343

The Draper 53204 is an equally versatile product that aims to give you a superior water system solution. This hose in fact, is powerful enough for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. With a length of 10 metres,  the hose is more than capable of handling even the toughest of tasks, and it is also made of durable material.

The Draper 45343 is just as effective and is also suitable for use in different situations, and it also helps that it is constructed from materials that are impact resistant. Regardless which of these you order, expect high quality performance and stability.