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Franke Holding AG is a Swiss based company with business ventures in various industries. Although based in Switzerland, Franke operates worldwide, with subsidiaries in Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America. Here at We Sell Electrical, we offer the widest range of Franke products and solutions.

Historical Background

Franke began in 1911 when Hermann Franke set up a sheet metal business in Rorschach, Switzerland. During the 1920s, the industry experienced an upsurge, which allowed Franke to manufacture and sell dormer windows, skylights and oven tops among others. During the 1930s, Franke commenced on the production of sink units in nickline and eventually stainless steel.

Following Hermann’s death in 1939, his son Walter took over the company, and after World War II ended, Franke began to export its products to other countries in Europe. The 1950s saw the company expand operations, and it also witnessed the launch of their Commercial Kitchen division, and by 1961 the company had more than 750 employees.

The 1960s and the early 70s saw tremendous growth for the company, with more than 13 subsidiaries and companies manufacturing with the Franke license. During this period, Franke installed its first kitchen for McDonald’s in Germany, followed by the introduction of the Franke sink system in 1979.

Franke Today

In 1975, Franke ownership was transferred to Willi Pieper, Walter’s friend, and this led to rapid expansion. In 1989, Michael Pepper joined the group and subsequently the company became a large corporate group with operations worldwide. From its humble beginnings, the company now operates around the world with thousands of employees.

Franke has five core business elements, namely kitchen systems, food service, water, coffee and beverage systems. Not only is each systems unique, but the company continues to innovate and place emphasis on technology investment to ensure customers receive the highest quality products.