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Extension Leads & Plugs

Extension Leads & Plugs

Setting up an electrical system in a home or workplace generally means that you need plugs so that electrical appliances and devices can be powered. You just need to place the plugs in an accessible area that’s most convenient for the placement of the devices you’ll be connecting.

Often, though, you may find that you have more appliances to connect than there are sockets to connect them to. When that happens, you don’t have to overhaul your electrical wiring system; you just need to get the appropriate extension leads. You will have to consider the following factors:

  • Number of sockets per extension. Some only have two, but others may have 5 sockets or even more.
  • Length of the wiring. You may want to use an extension simply to extend the area in which you can use your appliances. You’re no longer constrained by the length of the attached wiring.

Surge protection. Some extension leads offer surge protection so that devices are protected from power surges that may damage them. This can be crucial especially for computers and other similarly vulnerable devices. There are also some extension leads which offer a waterproof feature which makes them more ideal for outdoor use.

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