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Electric Radiators

Electrical Radiators

We offer a choice of different electrical radiators which can cater to a wide range of different requirements. The radiators by We Sell Electrical are from Dimplex and Elnur, both of which are highly renowned for their electrical equipment and supplies. The electrical radiators we offer provide for the first time for you to have a low carbon, low cost heating system which can offer you the same benefits as a natural gas system while continuing to use decreasing amounts of carbon with no effect on performance.

Also, our electrical radiators provide a far more accurate and precise temperature management which is not typically found in traditional heating solutions. Our RFE range of thermal radiators come equipped with an electronic chrono-thermostat which can allow you to set the ideal temperature for either the night or day. The thermostats also come with an electronic programmer which can set different operation modes for every 30 minutes of the day, seven days a week. Such an accurate function over temperature will allow you to have precise control in the different areas of your home including - bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The electronic programmable thermostat can also allow you to create your own program for each area of your house.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of Electrical Radiators, We Sell Electrical offers a huge range at competitive prices. Buy online today or call our sales team on 01159 649 198.