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Cutters, Pliers & Shears

We Sell Electrical is your perfect source for shears, cutters and pliers. We have them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and among our most popular products are the High Leverage Diagonal Side Cutters from Draper Knipex Expert, the 200mm Fully Insulated Cable Shears and the Fully Insulated High Leverage Combination Pliers, each of which has unique features.

Shears and Cutters

Shears and cutters are cutting tools that can be used in different ways, though the typical cutter is usually meant for cutting wires. In terms of appearance and basic shape, cutters and shears don’t appear to be that different and they are often used interchangeably. The majority of electricians and people working in the utility industry have cutters and shears in their toolbox as they are flexible and serve a number of important functions.

What are Cutting Pliers?

Cutting pliers are manual hand tools that function similarly to a shear or cutter. While cutters are used mainly for wires, pliers can be used for other materials including cables and other similar contraptions.

There are different types of pliers, but the typical ones have a lever and fulcrum mechanism that supplies power and grip to your hand. The so-called lineman’s pliers are meant for wire cutting, and as such they are often used interchangeably with cutters. What sets these apart from your ordinary cutter is they are built for heavy duty use and can withstand a lot of bending and twisting.

If you have never seen a lineman’s pliers before, they look like your average pliers, but their built is much stronger and at the end is a flat area while the cutting section is just under the gripping section. Lineman’s pliers are equipped with insulated handles so you are protected from shocks, and many of them even have multiple layers for added protection.