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Capping Nails

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Capping Nails

If you’re new to home construction projects, this may be the first time you encounter a capping nail.  It looks much like a regular nail in almost all aspects with one obvious difference: it looks like the nail has already been driven through a small coin or washer. When you pound the nail into a surface, the “cap” comes until you drive in the nail completely and all you see is the cap on the top.

The best capping nails have washers that just slide along the stem of the nail when you install them. These capping nails are ideal for fixing PVC or steel channelling. You can use these capping nails to secure the PVC or steel channelling into your wall.

Using these nails is just like using normal nails with a bit of practice. Just make sure that the nail’s length and width is appropriate for your surface so that you don’t damage the wall unnecessarily. Just don’t forget to wear goggles to protect your eyes, as some capping bits may fly off when you pound the nails in. for surfaces that may prove too hard for the nails to penetrate, you can drill a hole first before you insert the capping nail.

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