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Burglar Alarms

Home & Intruder Alarms

Keeping your property secure, whether at home or work, is a matter of utmost importance and here at We Sell Electrical, we stock an extensive range of intruder alarms designed to ensure the safety of your possessions. Houses without visible security devices are more likely to be targeted for burglaries and crime survey statistics show that home alarms are very effective in reducing the risk of burglary, so it’s never too soon to buy one.

Within our catalogue we stock full burglar alarm kits from leading manufacturers such as Honeywell, ADE and Sensotec. These are high quality products that provide everything you need to set-up a full home security system with a minimum of effort. If you want a bit more freedom, we also offer a huge range of individual components such as batteries, sounders and communicators, so you can assemble a customised system or upgrade individual elements at will.

In addition to this, we also offer a range of wireless home alarms. These high quality yet simple security solutions are renowned for their ease of installation and can be great for those shopping on a budget. They also offer an aesthetic advantage because unlike conventional intruder alarms, they do not require you to trail wires under carpets or over doorways to fit them.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of house alarms and other security products, We Sell Electrical offers a huge range at competitive prices. Buy online today or call our sales team on 01159 649 198.