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BNThermic is one of the most respected names in the field of electrical heating and their products are widely used in different industries, commercial establishments as well as residential homes. And at We Sell Electrical we have a wide range of BNThermic mirror demisters including the MD 50, 28, 12 and 100 series. While these products may look the same, they have different features, and these are explained in the product description.

What are Mirror Demisters?

Mirror demisters are special devices that prevent fog and similar elements from forming in your mirrors, something that usually happens with bathroom mirrors in the morning. Unlike other demisters in the market, the BNThermic series are affordable and don’t require any maintenance. Rather than spend day after day wiping mirrors, you can simply use one of these.

The Benefits of Mirror Demisters

There are some things that we take for granted, and one of those is waking up in the morning with a clear bathroom mirror. However that isn’t always the case, and more often than not the mirror is cloudy, misty, foggy or otherwise just impossible to see through.

One can wipe the mirror, but this gets cumbersome if one has to do it every day, and if the steam is too thick, wiping won’t even work. With the BNThermic mirror demister, you don’t have to do anything. Once the device is in place, it will automatically keep the steam away so no matter what time of day you go there.

The way these demisters is very simple but effective: they heat up the mirror so steam and similar elements cannot form on it. And no adjustments are required so after installation, the demister runs on its own with no further assistance needed, and the designs are such that they are hardly noticeable and won’t be a distraction.