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BG Euro Modules

Euro Modules

An electrical socket is a component where a light bulb or another electrical device is placed in. An electrical switch on the other hand, is a component that breaks an electric circuit, thereby allowing the current to be interrupted or diverted off one conductor to another.

There are different types of switches, and one of the most commonly used is a manually run electrical device with at least one electrical contact that is linked to external circuits. These contacts can come in a closed or open state. If it is open this means the contacts are separate and it has a non-conducting switch. If it is in a closed state, it means the contacts touch and electricity can flow.

The mechanism used for these states is either a push for off or push for on button, or a toggle. In addition, these switches can be manipulated as a control signal to the device so that it works like a keyboard on the computer. Furthermore, these switches can be operated automatically and used to control other devices. While there are different kinds of switches available, numerous process variables are used in their operation such as force, voltage, current, flow, temperature and pressure. These processes have different functions, but they all act as sensors and used for controlling the system.  

BG Electrical’s Euro modules consist of different types of electrical switches and sockets, and their products are available in a wide range of finishes and specifications to suit the needs of different consumers. Among their most popular Euro modules are the 13A Universal Socket Power Module, the Electrical Euro-Module 2 Module Square Front Plates and the Euro-Module Brushed Steel 2 Module Square Screwless Flat Plate. In addition to sockets and front plates, BG Electrical also has satellite, TV, radio, data and telecom modules.