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Audio Speakers

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Speakers are external audio devices that are used to provide surround sound for your home theatre listening experience. Many speakers are sold as pairs while others are packaged with a sub woofer and additional speakers for a more realistic audio experience.

You can buy speakers separately and build your own home theatre surround sound system, but it you want to keep things simple, you can purchase a surround speaker system that’s been pre-matched. If you would rather do things your way, keep in mind that a complete speaker system should have at least two speakers, one on the left and one on the right side of your TV. A centre channel speaker, if available, is placed under the TV, and many systems include two additional speakers that are placed behind the seating area.

Speakers also enhance your auditory experience by producing sounds that happen in the movie that are not shown onscreen, adding an extra touch of realism. For instance, high quality speakers can produce the sound of a missile or an incoming car that isn’t onscreen yet, adding a sense of anticipation. Of course, the same high standards are produced when you listen to music.